Education Health and Wellbeing

Education, Health & Wellbeing are working with schools to support both in and out-of-school programmes focused upon health.

We provided consultancy which ensures best value is achieved by each school we work with.  Our aim is to support schools to ensure that Physical Education as both a subject and a framework is developed as part of the schools ethos, inspiring children to take up more activity as part of their healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education is much more than being physically skillful. It is designed to provoke a love of learning and questions as to how the body works why we need to look after our bodies. It develops an awareness of the importance of nutrition and the physiological, cognitive and behavioural effects of exercise.

We can work to develop ‘Active programmes’ which are unique and designed to suit and meet the needs of the community. It is this ethos that helps us ensure we provide further opportunities for activity to take place.